Visiting Surgeon Programme

Smith & Nephew Advanced Surgical Devices takes pride in offering medical professionals a comprehensive education programme across the fields of arthroscopy, joint reconstruction and fracture fixation. As well as running courses across the three divisions we also provide a visiting surgeon programme allowing for more specialist one to one training.


Mini Lab

State of the art equipment installed at the Smith & Nephew Surgical Skills Centre in York creates a unique learning opportunity which can be tailored to suit your requirements in the form of a ‘mini lab’.  This setting generally accommodates two workstations where surgeons or trainees can come on their own or in small groups, for a half, or full day to train on any procedures Smith & Nephew offers across Advanced Surgical Devices. 


Master Class

The Smith & Nephew Surgical Skills Centre in York provides an exclusive learning environment where Surgeons can benefit from having a recognised leader in their orthopaedic speciality to teach them in a ‘one on one’ half day, or full day, mini lab style session. This type of tailored individual training can be offered across the Advanced Surgical Devices portfolio.


Theatre Observation Visit

A theatre observation visit offers an opportunity for surgeons to observe recognised leaders in their orthopaedic speciality operate first-hand. This opportunity allows the visiting surgeon to gain valuable insight into the hosts practice and operating techniques. There is always plenty of time for patient related discussion and creates an invaluable learning environment.



This exceptional experience, arranged by Smith & Nephew, is the final stage of a structured educational programme.  Originally developed to fill the need for surgeons as a learning tool for hip arthroscopy.  This unique experience brings a leading orthopaedic specialist, in their field, into your theatre. Mentorships have a minimum restriction for listed cases depending on the type of surgery in order for the visiting surgeon to assist and guide you through the chosen procedures. 

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